The Most Wanted Cup

Since launching our Most Wanted badges, Carp-Talk has built up a portfolio of carp we believe to be the most sought after in UK waters. Whether it's the Burghfield Common, the Wood Common from Spitfire Pool, or the Brute from Pingewood Lagoon, you are sure to find it in our Most Wanted list.

Targeting such fish takes time, effort, sacrifice and skill, and we feel warrants further recognition. Carp-Talk editor Simon Crow revealed: “I think it's important to highlight what are the best carp in the country and the best angling achievements. Only UK-caught carp will qualify for the badges and we’ve tried to encompass the whole spectrum of UK carp fishing. There are syndicate fish in the list, as well as club and day-ticket fish. Some are in well-stocked waters and others are in lightly stocked ones; some are in small ponds and others are in big, wild venues.


“The way the competition will work needs some explaining as this year we have introduced a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum status to each fish. There are 101 different carp on the Most Wanted list, all of which we have allocated points to depending on their status. The angler who amasses the most points at the end of the year, will then be crowned the winner. As you will see, Bronze badge fish will be worth 1pt, Silver badge fish 2pts, and Gold badge fish 3pts. On its own pedestal we then have the Most Wanted carp in the UK – the Burghfield Common – as a Platinum badge worth 5pts.”

Carp-Talk owner Bev Clifford added: “We already run the Mainline Carp Angler of the Year competition, which is very popular, but that competition is only open to Mainline users, so this is where this one fits in, because it is open to all. The competition will start in the first week of January 2017 and finish at the end of December 2017. The winner will be announced the following year live on stage at the Carpin’ On show at Five Lakes in Essex during the Carp-Talk awards ceremony. There are no tackle or bait prizes attached to the Cup, as we want this to be all about angling achievement more than anything else. There will be no boundaries or stipulations in this competition, other than catching fish which are on the list on the Carp-Talk website.”


Burghfield, Burghfield Common


Ashmead, Single Scale


Castle Loch, Scotland, The Common


Clifton Marina, Mr Angry


Kingsmead Island Lake, Big Common


Manton Old Lake, Arnie


Maxey Syndicate, Caravan Park Linear


North Met Pit, El's Fish


Rockford, Single Scale


Stoneacres, Bitemark


Strawberry Fields, Lee Jackson


Chertsey, Chertsey Fish


Tatton Park, Jim’s Fish


Vinnetrow, Half Lin


Walthamstow, Lockwood Common


Wasing Estate Cranwells, The Parrot


Atlantic Wharf, Wharf Common


Baden Hall, Baden Hall Common


Braxted Back Lake, Back-Up Common


Carthagena Syndicate, Tango


Erics Willows, Three Scale


Essex Manor, Stella


Frimley Pit 3, Charlie's Mate


Gaunts Lake, Uncle Albert


Grendon Hope Lake, Tyson


Grenville's Two-Tone


High Pond, Shoulders


Kennet & Avon canal, Big Fully


Kingsmead, Starry's


Milton Abbas, Baby Common


Northwyke, James' Fish


Nunnery A Lake, TLC


Pingewood Lagoon, The Brute


Spitfire Pool, Wood Common


St Johns, Big Plated


St Ives Shallow Pit, Colin


Stanwick Roman Lake, Colonel


Sutton-at-Hone, Peach


Tyram Hall, Baby Baz


Wellington Country Park, The Turtle


White Swan, Triple Row


Wingham, Plated Mirror


Mill Lane, Taffs


Abbots Lake, Chub


Acton Burnell Top Lake, Ottered Mirror


Anglers Paradise, Gorilla


The Avenue, Ellie


Bayeswater, Tiger Fish


Bluebell Swan Lake, Dave


Bundy's Pit, Carpworld Cover Fish


Catch 22, The Big Common


Chad Lakes Home Pool, Red Fish


Chilham Mill, Chilly's


Christchurch Lake Linch Hill, Scar


Church Lake, Four-by-Four


Cleverley Mere, Hendrix


Cottington Lakes, Big Girl


Cowlands Farm, Boycie


Cromwell Lake, Rosie


Deepings Syndicate, Black Spot


Dovecote, The Linear


Emmotland, Big C


Emperor Lakes, Moth


Farlows Lake, Pretty One


Farriers Lake, The Big Common


Fox Pool, Dark Mirror


Fryerning Fisheries, The Gurm


Furzebray Lakes, Charlotte


Girton Pit, Butthead


Horton Boat Pool, Big Common


Horton Church Lake, Fingers


Lakeside Country Park, Seven Scales


Leverets, Speck


Manor Farm Linear, Kempy's Linear


Marton Hole, The Leather


Monks Pit, Porky


Monks Pool, The Linear


New Forest Water Park, Single Scale


Old Mill, Big Common


Orchid Lake, Thomo


Oxlease Lake, The Big Common


The Quarry, Cassius


River Aire, Houdini


Roach Pit, Horse


Sand & Gravel, The Twin


Sandhurst Lake, Nige's Fish


Swan Valley, Enoch


Tamar Lakes, Biggles


The Dell, Black Spot


Wainstones Syndicate, Big Mac


Walthamstow 2 & 3, Long Common


Walthamstow Lower Maynard, Lower Common


West End Lake, The Linear


West Stow, Two Scale


West Sussex Club Lake, The Biggie


Weston Park, Big Common


Wintons, The Pretty Common


Wraysbury 1 North Lake, King Fungus


Wraysbury 2, Scaley


Yateley Match Lake, Kiss Scale


Yateley North Lake, Murray Common


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