Three Rigs

Most people put far too much emphasis on rigs, says Kev Hewitt.

With so many rigs out there, it seems many anglers are keen to try and come up with the new all-singing all-dancing carp catching wonder rig with bells on top!

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Hitting The Spot

Steve Briggs discusses the importance of being open minded about location.

I guess it was the recent trip to Euro Aqua that once again proved just how important it is to find the right areas when we are fishing.

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Abbey Adventures

It’s a slow start to the year for Calum Kletta when he makes a return trip to Abbey Lakes.

In 2012 I was lucky enough to get a winter trip to the famous Abbey Lakes complex in France with the purpose of doing some filming for the Gardner Tackle website and YouTube channel.

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How to tie the perfect maggot rig

When winter comes and the fishing starts to slow down, there is only one bait I really turn to, and that’s the humble maggot.

I like to use bunches of maggots so I don’t have to drop my hook size at all. I’m a fan of big hooks all year round, and when using quantities of maggots, I also like to ‘match the hatch’ and use them as hookbaits.

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