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This week's issue

In this week’s magazine, which features an extra 16 pages for the same price, we speak to the experts about the latest big threat to carp fishing, carp edema virus, which has accounted for hundreds of fish on the Walthamstow complex. We’ve also got a load of big fish from British shores, the biggest of which is the Parrot from Wasing, caught at 64lb by Craig Runham.

Steve Briggs heads to Poland, and Iain Macmillan keeps the bites flowing at Millbrook. Frank Warwick makes two trips to Parco De La Brenta, Harry Pratt tries bagging a carp from a water he’s never seen before, and Harvey Watson describes the reality of full-time angling. Dan Cleary talks short overnighters, Mitch Godfrey heads to Salagou, and Adam Clewer proves how doing something different is such an effective tactic. Michael Poulter has a welcome diversion from Disneyland, and Paul Codman appears in ‘A-Z’.

We’ve got £270-plus worth of Sticky Pure Tuna Liquid to give away, and the CC Moore, Sticky and Nash monthly winners are announced.

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Here Comes the Sun

Briggsy heads over to Poland on another adventure.

Keeping the Bites Flowing

Iain Macmillan squeezes another three from Millbrook.

Italian Carping

Frank Warwick makes two trips to Parco De La Brenta in Italy.

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