Blair the technophobe!

Who would have thought that Urban Banx star Alan Blair was behind the times when it comes to technology!

Alan has just started to use the Instagram Story feature and is bringing an insight into his daily life outside of his filming extravaganzas.

Commenting on his new found hobby, Alan revealed: “I've been putting this off long enough! Carl and Alex Smith have shown me how to use Insta Stories and I am going to embrace it! I'm absolutely dreadful with anything like this as anyone who knows or works with me will confirm – my poor partner, Chloe, actually has to turn the TV on for me. If I have a problem with my computer at work, I literally have a breakdown and here I am rolling around with two iPhones and I don't even know my iTunes password. I have to ring Carl and Alex who sort it, which is dreadful I know; I just love fishing and working very hard.”

Insta Stories will be the training ground for a bigger project where Alan plans on properly vlogging and blogging. This project will be coming to Nash TV at some point in the future and will be a much more detailed look at the hectic yet incredible life he leads juggling a very full time job, amazing family, some raving and of course fishing!

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