Thirties race

In 1998 there was a thirties race developing between Joe Easton and the late Pete Broxup, as shown here on the cover of issue 219.

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The first videologue

Back in 1996, Essex-based Specialist Tackle used a different form of selling when becoming the first tackle shop in the UK to launch a videologue. This unique way of seeing new products was presented by well-known carper Chris Ball.

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Standing the test of time

It’s hard to believe Mainline’s Response Pellets have now been on the market for more than 11 years! As they say, a good product always stands the test of time.

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The line-aligner rig

Twenty years ago the rig on everyone’s lips was the line-aligner, designed by Jim Gibbinson. Here’s how you tie one up courtesy of some Brian Atkins’ drawings which appeared in one of our early issues.

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Keeping it old school

Here’s a great example of how things used to be in the 1990s, an old-school advert from one of our early issues featuring Cotswold Baits products.

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Ey up, Heather!

Not many Yorkshiremen were lucky enough to catch the famous Heather the Leather from Yateley Car Park Lake in Surrey. Here’s the story of the first, which happened in October 1994. It was the lead story in Carp-Talk issue 19.

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12 years in the making

This is a great story from a few years back about Rick Golder and his quest to catch a 45¾lb mirror. It took him 12 years of on-and-off angling to tag the awesome beast. What’s the longest it’s taken you to catch a target carp?

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Angling Direct to open Swindon store

Angling Direct PLC will open a 5000 sq ft showroom in Swindon next month after completing a deal with fishing tackle and bait retailer, Hinders of Swindon, to supply to the local customer base currently serviced by Hinders Fishing Superstore.

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CEMEX sell-off

CEMEX Angling venues

How time flies… It only seems like yesterday when one of the biggest fishery portfolios ever went up for sale to the general public.

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400-mile ghost hunt

Ghost hunt

Mick Price clocked up the miles when he caught this 30½lb ghostie, which was reported in issue 918 of Carp-Talk a few years back. What’s the furthest you’ve driven to catch carp in the UK?

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Under the weather

Brasenose 2

In May 2012, anglers at the legendary Linear Fisheries complex held on to their bivvies as a tornado ripped through the Oxfordshire countryside.

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