More than just a big caster

Twenty years ago one of the UK’s greatest long-range casters was making the headlines with his carp-catching abilities. He looked a bit slimmer in those days, but he certainly could catch them!

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No fillers here

Who remembers the old Nutrabaits catalogues? They were magazines in themselves and full of loads of great articles by top anglers. Looking at the list of contributors in this issue, there’s plenty of them still writing today.

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The carp behind the logo

Long-time readers of the magazine will have seen that Chris Brown Products has been advertising with us since the very early issues. Chris’s company has stood the test of time and he sells a lot of the original items still today. If you’ve seen his adverts, you’ll have seen his logo and might have wondered what fish it is he’s holding. Well, we can answer that question, as we have found this old catch report of him from one of the early issues.

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The complexities of rod-licence by-laws

With the new changes in rod-licence laws coming into place next year, which will simplify the system somewhat, just be thankful it’s not as confusing as it was 22 years ago! Here’s an editorial which Chris Ball wrote about the regional by-laws that were in place back in those days regarding the number of rods you could use around the country. We can think of a few anglers who’d like to see ‘unlimited rods’ reinstated.

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Seen that before

If you’ve ever wondered why lots of the older carpers regularly say they’ve seen the latest wonder rig before, that’s probably because they have! Every week in the early issues of Carp-Talk, Brian Atkins used to write/draw a popular rig column which showed us how to set them up. This one featured variations of the popular stiff rig and was published back in 1994.

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Doing their bit

Devonshire angling holiday resort Anglers Paradise has revealed its final fundraising total for 2016 has topped £9000, eclipsing the £7600 it raised last year.

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The Main men

We love looking back at the old mags. This advert is from way back in issue number 8 in August 1994.

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Badger, badger, badger…

Hands up if you have ever owned an item of Badger gear… The company was a big advertiser in Carp-Talk in the early 2000s, and it’s fair to say it upset a few of the big companies when it launched its budget brand of tackle.

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Guess who?

Can you recognise this well-known carp angler from back in 2002? He is pictured here with a fish known as Big Lin at 35lb 5oz, which he braced with another mirror known as Glad II at 30½lb during a session on Wyreside Lakes in Lancashire.

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The Arena wiped out

It’s almost 15 years since we reported on the almost complete wipeout of one of the best big-carp fisheries in Essex, when the amazing Arena suffered at the hands of Spring Carp Mortality Syndrome (SCMS).

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