Work for Johnson Ross Tackle

One of the country’s leading tackle retailers, Johnson Ross Tackle, is on the lookout for a new staff member to work in its premises in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.

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Thousands try angling thanks to NFM

Approximately 14,000 people were given introductions to angling over the course of the summer thanks to the sport’s largest participation programme, National Fishing Month (NFM).

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Chelmsford AA carp night

Chelmsford Angling Association will host a charity evening dedicated to carp next month, with Adam Penning and Joe Turnbull performing talks about their latest angling exploits.

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Still going strong

There are hundreds of local angling clubs around the country that play a massive role in the development of the sport we all love. One of the oldest clubs has to be the amazing DDAPS (Dartford & District Angling Preservation Society), which is more than 85 years old. In this feature which appeared in 2006, Steve Butler looked back at the history of the club.

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One of the greats

It’s important to remember history, especially those anglers who helped pave the way for our sport. One man who certainly had a lasting impression on the carp scene was Lenny Middleton, the inventor of the hair rig. Lenny passed away on 21st March 2006, and in issue 604 of the same year Tim Paisley wrote this detailed obituary about the great man.

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Just for the record…

We regularly get enquiries about record captures, anglers wondering if they’ve caught the biggest-ever carp on a chod rig or a zig, or if they’re the youngest angler, etc. We don’t keep records like this, but we came across this catch report from issue 504 in April 2004. It is young Ben Freeman, who was 15 year old at the time, pictured holding the mighty Amphibian from the Essex Manor weighing 51lb 2oz.

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Catching the Eye…

The notion most big carp in this country are known and documented was blown apart in 2000 when Andy Dodd landed a massive 52lb mirror from Sonning Eye. The fish became known as the Eye and was caught by Dave Lane a short while later. It was a catch that really set the grapevine alight 16 years ago, in the same way 50lb mirror caught by Ste Catterall from the River Aire did earlier this year.

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Did you know?

Ever wondered where the name Scopex came from? The legendary bait was the brainchild of Rod Hutchinson. Here’s Rod’s version of events from a short story we ran in Carp-Talk several years back, which makes for interesting reading. If someone tells you they have the original Scopex flavour, well, it came from Rod’s innovative, carpy mind.

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DIY boilies

Who used to make their own boilies? Well, if you did, you’ll probably remember these air-drying trays that were available from Gardner Tackle. Back in the day, Gardner was responsible for making lots of boilie-making gadgets, including rolling tables, bait guns and these trays. Everyone had them, all no doubt getting plenty of stick off the family for stinking the house out!

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Remember these?

Back in the mid-1990s, a bait that was the talk of the banks was Nashy’s Ball Pellets. These amazing baits resembled boilies and were the brainchild of Clive Deidrich, formerly of Richworth. The pellets were hard and could be used effectively in a throwing stick at long range and were available in a range of different varieties.

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Nash Tackle

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