Chilly on top!

We know summer has gone, but everyone loves the excitement that comes with surface fishing, so here’s a nice history catch to share with you. Back in 1996, well-known carper Ian Chillcott landed the biggest-ever UK floater-caught fish in the form of Jack from Horton Church Pool weighing 49¼lb. The full story of his catch appeared in issue 104 in June 1996.

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Jules hangs out with Nashy (not that one)

Julian Cundiff got the opportunity to hang out with his second favourite Kevin Nash during a special Raw Events evening at Elland Road in Leeds. Avid wrestling fan Jules was thrilled to meet the man they know as Big Daddy Cool, one of the biggest names ever to emerge from the wrestling scene. Jules said: “It’s not every day you get to spend 10 minutes with a true wrestling icon.”

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Forces CARP French trip

his year’s Forces CARP programme came to an exciting conclusion for four wounded veterans, as they travelled in France to spend a week on Lac Baleine in the Champagne region.

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Fryerning hails the Awesome One

Anglers who fish the Main Lake at Fryerning Fisheries in Essex can expect to be overlooked by this 8ft-tall, 3½-ton carp god sculpture from now on, following its erection on the dam wall.

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Winter warmer

With winter just around the corner, you need to be making plans about where to fish in the cold weather. One venue which has incredible winter form and is open to all is Oxfordshire day-ticket venue, Orchid Lakes. A couple of winters ago, the 18-acre gravel pit produced no fewer than eight January thirties in just over a week! For more details visit:

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Where it all started for Bayesy

All the top anglers have a story to tell about their angling background. Here’s a look at the life and times of former British record holder Gary Bayes, the man behind Nashbait. In this four-page interview, Gary talked to Scott ‘Geezer’ Grant about his angling life.

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Safe hands

Here’s an old feature from Carp-Talk issue 803 back in 2010 that is still very relevant today. It was compiled by successful carper Adam Clewer and is a great insight into how he cares for the carp he catches. If you’re a newcomer to the sport, there are some excellent tips to be picked up from it.

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Jack of all trades…

The Carp Cast is growing with popularity all the time. The free-to-download podcast has now been running for well over a year and has featured a number of top-name anglers as guests. The main host is Jamie Clossick, who, besides being a top DJ, is a bit of a dab hand with big fish too. Here he is with a cracking 39¾lb mirror from a Manchester club lake which featured in the news pages of issue 703 back in March 2008.

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Now, that’s carpy

When we look back at old issues of Carp-Talk, it’s amazing how many of today’s well-known carpers made a name for themselves in the pages of the mag. Anyone who’s anyone in carp fishing has been in our pages with catches and articles, and the odd one has even written regional news reports for us. Have a look at this one from issue 603 back in March 2006, written by Mr Carpy himself, Mark Pitchers.

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Where did they go from here?

Twelve years ago Tim Paisley raised questions about some of the elected Board of Governors of the Carp Society, writing that it was “unconstitutional” and “dictatorial” with “flawed rulings”. Fast-forward to 2015 and members of the same Board were involved in the attempted sale of the Society’s Horseshoe Lake and the splitting of its assets between just over a handful of remaining members.

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Isle of Wight’s first thirty

Back in issue 303, in May 2000, we were reporting on the first-ever 30-pounder from the Isle of Wight, caught by Tim Oatley from private water and weighing 30lb 6oz. How things have changed during the past 16 years, as the amazing Blackwater syndicate on the island now contains at least 10 different forties!

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