Junction 12

Marcus Howarth bent into an early morning carp

Dan wildbore visits RDAA’s Junction 12 with a few friends, where they catch some lovely fish.

In the heart of Reading, which has some of the best fishing in the country, is a water called the Junction 12. As part of the Reading and District Angling Association, this lake offers exclusive bookings for weekends only.

With 10 swims evenly spaced across the 15-acre lake, eight anglers can fish at any given time, making it a very quiet and pleasant place to fish. There is no public access and it has a high-security gate, making the place 100% secure. There is a toilet and barbecue on site, with water and coals provided for you. You can even drive around the lake and park behind your swim!

Junction 12 Lake is a lovely place and available for exclusive bookings
You can even park behind your swim on Junction 12
The lads had great success using Sticky Krill boilies
Bright hookbaits proved successful with these relatively unpressured carp

I hadn’t planned to go to the lake myself (I hadn’t really heard of the place), but while working down on one of the other RDAA waters, Del invited me and a few friends over there for a night. It sounded perfect and, with a stock of over 500 carp to over 36lb, it was too good an opportunity to pass up. The fish were stocked more than 12 years ago and virtually left to survive on their own. With the odd unknown thrown in too, it had the three of us champing at the bit to get over there.

Dan with one of the biggest mirrors in the Lake at 34½lb

Upon arrival, we found it was a lovely place, totally clean and more mature than I had anticipated. The water was gin clear and there was clearly plenty of weed present. The amount of naturals in the edge was incredible and it was clear to see what the fish gorged on. With the light fading and having seen the amount of low-lying weed, it seemed the obvious choice to flick out some naked chods for the night. Typically for me, I was totally unprepared and didn’t have anything with me to assemble them, nor did I have the time to fish them where I would have liked with the light rapidly fading. I decided to flick the marker out and try to find something clean to fish on. I didn’t spend long doing it, but eventually found an area that gave a nice drop, though it had an inch or so of onion weed on top of it. I clipped a couple of rods, both with bright Signature hookbaits, and cast them to the spot. I then dropped a few spods of chopped Krill boilies and sweetcorn right over the top of them. Marcus Howarth had gone for a similar approach, but decided to scatter boilies around the area as opposed to baiting tightly.

The smaller of Marcus’s morning brace at 25lb

The night was quiet without so much as a liner, but as dawn broke Marcus was away. He slipped his net under a lovely, chunky mirror, and while he was sorting the rod out, one of my rods was away! It had immense power and didn’t know when to give up. It must have taken a good five minutes to get back to the same mark as my elastic. Marcus came down and did the honours with the net and it looked a good fish. It was 34½lb to be precise and had a lovely colour. We got all the pics done and slipped her back, thinking that was it for the morning.

Then Marcus was away again and on the recast rod too. This one turned out to be a little bit bigger than his first. He had a couple of superb, clean-looking mirrors of 25lb and 27½lb. All the carp had immaculate mouths, which was so nice to see and all went back fighting fit.

This cracking 27½lb mirror was the biggest of Marcus’s morning brace

We had to be off that morning, but for a quick and unexpected trip, it had been a really enjoyable night. If you are interested in booking the lake with your mates, I would highly recommend it. There are not many places that can accommodate eight anglers, have that kind of security and the accessibility of being able to drive to your swim too.

For more details on the Junction 12 Lake, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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