Kodex Tackle Graviton Super-Heavy Tungsten Putty

When targeting wary carp, pinning your end tackle down out of harm’s way can be a great edge.

This heavy putty boasts exceptionally high tungsten content, making it one of the heaviest rig putties on the market. It can be used for a multitude of functions, but is primarily used for pinning down your end tackle.

Graviton Super-Heavy Tungsten Putty can be applied to your hooklink material, tubing, leader material or to pin down your pop-up hookbaits. Gently warming the putty first will make it more pliable and help it adhere to your end tackle. To soften the putty you can work it in your hands, stretching it out gives great results, but when it’s particularly cold you will get better results by warming it on top of a hot kettle or even with the flame of a lighter. Once the putty is tacky you can apply it to your hooklink material or component. Wrap some lead wire around your hooklink or concertina the coating back to help secure the putty in place.

This fast sinking putty is available in Weed Green and Chod Silt colours, and each handy snap lock pack retails at £6.99.

Alternative uses

  • Pinning down hooklinks
  • Balancing hookbaits
  • Additional weight on tubing or leaders
  • Line sinkers
  • Adding additional weight to your bobbins



  • STEP 1: Pinch off a small chunk
  • STEP 2: Work it between your fingers...
  • STEP 3: ...or heat it gently
  • STEP 4: Carefully apply it to your hooklink…
  • STEP 5: ...or tubing...
  • STEP 6: ...or main line

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