Sufix Duraflex

Time and time again I’ve heard the phrase ‘next generation monofilament’ only to be disappointed by the samples I have been sent, this latest offering from Sufix however has really impressed me so far.

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Keeping You Covered

The Trakker brand has been at the forefront of bivvy design for the last decade, on any given fishery, at least 50% of all the shelters which line the banks are made by them! There has to be something in that!

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Kodex KX-i Rods

Having built up a reputation for supplying great quality products at great prices it was something of a surprise to hear Kodex was venturing into the realm of top-end carp rods.

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Can you handle it?

Even in today’s massively busy and frantic tackle market, there aren’t many companies that produce landing net poles that are available readily through normal retailers, without having to go in through the back door of spare parts and repairs.

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Kodex Genomic MPG Chod Hooks

Pop-up rigs can be devastating in the right situation. They might not look right at first, especially when you consider all your free offerings are laid out on the lakebed, but their hooking efficiency is second to none.

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Kodex StalkyCF Rod

Watching and catching fish at close quarters is undoubtedly the most exciting form of carp fishing. This StalkyCF rod from Kodex is designed to help you in these high-pressured, close-quarters situations.

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Fox Chest Waders

The last few years have seen Fox introduce a wide range of apparel, from polos to hoodys, trainers and boots all these garments have proven very popular.

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