Cygnet Splash Mat

Confession time: I never used to give splash mats much thought; all a bit too tarty for me, plus it was just one more item on the barrow and I just did not see the need for them.

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Fallen Kings by Dave Levy

This is a lovely book by top Essex carper Dave Levy. It’s an autobiographical book, covering Dave’s angling from his first picking up a fishing rod at the age of seven, and concentrating chapter by chapter on the various carp waters where Dave has wet a line over the years.

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Thinking Anglers Camo Cool Bag

A “no-brainer” was how Steve Fantauzzi described the decision by his company, Thinking Anglers, to launch a range of camo luggage.

Let’s face it, we all like some of our luggage to look like it’s come from the army surplus store, and as someone said once, it’s carpy!

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Trakker N2 Chest Waders

It has taken a very long time to get my hands on a pair of Trakker Waders, having first seen them well over a year ago at a Trakker trade show.

At some point close to their launch the team at Trakker decided they could be further improved and, rather than launching an inferior product, they went back and made the necessary improvements. Speaking with Dave Mills and Gaz Hood at Trakker, it was clear they were very happy with the resulting N2 Chest Waders.

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Shimano Tribal TX9

Confident. That’s how I feel when using the TX9 rods from Shimano.

There’s something very special about these rods; they feel just right, empowering even! I’ve only been using them for a few months, but I’ve put in some serious rod hours in that time and have had the pleasure of fishing a wide range of venues.

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Nash Tackle Scope and Dwarf ranges

As a keen specimen angler, targeting mainly pike and carp, the concept of mobility has always been of interest to me.

In recent times my young daughter Leah has done some fishing with me and 12-13ft rods with big pit reels are just too cumbersome for her. Add to this boat fishing and long handles on the ‘bank rods’ getting in the way, and I had different sets of rods for carp and pike.

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Mainline Essential Cell

After two years of successful field testing the new Essential Cell from Mainline was released in May, and it’s set to become even more successful than the original Cell, if that was ever possible!

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Cygnet Tackle Baiting Pole & Spoon

You simply cannot beat accurate bait placement for getting a bite. We’ve all seen how effective getting the rig in the right place is whilst stalking and now thanks to the Cygnet Tackle Baiting Pole and Spoon you can do this over a much wider area of your swim.

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Bank BUG Spod and Marker Holster

Here’s an interesting piece of kit that is sure to appeal to carp match anglers or those who place their pricey spod and marker rods against a tree, only to hear that dreaded crash when it hits the deck a few hours later!

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